The Top Ten Reasons Why People Fail The Driving Test: & Tales From The Waiting Room

Avoid these Pitfalls and Pass your Driving Test.

Dispelling the myths...

- The Driving Standards Agency DO NOT have set pass rates and quotas.
- If you take a driving test on a Friday afternoon, you have just as much chance of passing as if you had taken it on a Monday morning.
- They DO NOT run out of pass certificates mid-week and have to fail the rest.

We've all heard the rumours and they are simply NOT true.

The truth is that if you are competent enough, safe enough and good enough, then you will pass the driving test no matter when you take it. However, if you commit any serious or dangerous faults, or accrue more than 15 driver faults during the driving test, you will be failed on that attempt.

Detailed within this book are the Top 10 Reasons why people fail the driving test, by volume of serious faults given. Each fault is expanded with real life examples of the sort of mistakes deemed serious enough to fail a test, followed up by straight forward advice on how to avoid those mistakes and set yourself up for a successful driving test attempt.

"Tales From The Waiting Room" is a collection of short stories either experienced by the author or overheard at the Driving Test Centre. The general public love to hear stories of misfortune or stupidity... so enjoy!

The author, Phill Godridge, qualified as a driving instructor in 1996 and runs his own driving school in Coventry, UK. For more information visit or find him on Facebook/DrivingSchoolCoventry.