Suit (Best-Dressed Series) (Volume 1)

Her eyelids pulled closed. More than anything else, she wanted romance. Romance. That thing that made a man do extraordinary things for the woman he loved just because he loved her. And to live, for just one moment, the life of novels and fairytales.


Ludwig Fabrinni has a closet full of expensive suits, not to mention a cushy job and anything else money can buy. What he doesn't have is love.

The director at a well-known publication company, he's surrounded himself with textbooks, encyclopedias, and educational materials. But when his boss puts him in charge of the new romance department, his life takes a dive.

Romance? What man reads romance?

Yet Kirsten Friedman entering his life changes everything, as does the strange email from his boss that he wasn't supposed to see. Can he become the passionate man she needs and do the right thing for all involved?

Books in this series:
SUIT (Best-Dressed Series) Book 1
PAINTED BRIDE (Best-Dressed Series) Book 2