Multilingual Dictionary of Medical Emergencies / Dictionnaire Multilingue des Urgences Medicales / Diccionario Multilingue de Emergencias Medicas / ... / French / Spanish / Italian / Croatian

The audience for this dictionary includes medical professionals who work in multilingual environments, global health professionals in tourist areas, professionals in public health, humanitarian medicine, emergency disaster management, rescue teams and frequent travellers disposed to any kind of danger or health risk and therefore in the need of medical assistance while in a foreign country. In emergency situations even small misunderstandings can lead to the loss of valuable time and consequently lives, therefore this dictionary is created in very practical time-saving and easy-to-understand way for both medical professionals and their patients. Instead of one classical A to Z alphabetical order, it consists of several topics where terms regarding each topic are organized alphabetically. The topics start from very basic subjects of numbers and orientation and proceed with terminology concerning accidents and disasters, parts of the human body, injuries, symptoms and diseases, pharmacy, medical facilities, medical procedures, diagnostics, pregnancy and obstetrics. Consisting of over 3000 medical terms in five languages, this book is a valuable tool for medical students on exchange programs and can serve as a basic medical dictionary for translators who are not medical specialists.