52 Ways To Fund Your Home Based Business Even If You're Broke, Your Credit Sucks, and All Your Friends Hate You

With the global economy taking an unprecedented shift, and many Americans remaining financially stuck in the evolving elements of the credit crunch, people are now beginning to shift their energies into the world’s fastest growing small business sector; - and that is the launching of a home based business operation. They are not venturing into it only because Forbes Magazine, (the world’s leading financial journal) says that it is one of the fastest growing multibillion dollar sectors in 2014. But also because of the economic insulation, financial freedom, investment gains, family benefits, and economic independence that a Home Based Business entity can provide. But while most people may desire to launch a home based business and capitalize on its expanding profit drive; - they are often unable to raise the investment money that they need, either because they are broke, their credit sucks, they lack revenue earning ideas, or all of their friends hate them to the level of not even wanting to help them. Aware of this potential funding dilemma that every aspiring home based business operator can face, respected business coach and small business Adviser Nike Roach has compiled fifty two surprisingly simple ways by which practically anyone can acquire thousands of honest dollars to fund their home base business initiative. Featured on the cover of the Home Business Advertiser magazine in 2013 as one of the top producers in his travel company, Nike Roach brings nothing less than realistic hope to aspiring home based business planners in the pages of this book. It is his profound desire that you, as the reader will find the same inspiration and success that he had found from the moment he started his first home based business operation with a family loan, from the tender age of fourteen. Now a successful entrepreneur; he sincerely hopes that his more than three decades of notable business experiences, his business coaching expertise, and his professional counseling skills may be of great help to others. As such, we are quite sure that the advises he has provided within this best selling book will be nothing less than a Holy Grail to you, as you seek innovative and tested ways to fund your home based business dreams.