Credit Mastery 2014: Personal and Business Credit Solutions

Personal and Business Credit is fully explained and explored using the latest methods. Personal Credit Sweeps, CPN's - Credit Privacy Numbers, Trade Lines, Authorized Users Accounts, Disputes and Contesting Letters and Credit Card Issuers and the Credit Reporting Agencies they report to! Learn all the Steps in performing a Personal Credit Sweep to fully clear your credit profile with the credit reporting agencies. Included are our top dispute letters for contesting any credit item. These are proven letters that are to the point and get the attention of the credit reporting agencies to act fast. Learn how to sue the credit reporting agency in small claims court and use the judgment to clear your credit profile. Learn the credit reporting agency that a specific lender uses for their loans or credit cards. This is key for a organized credit building plan. How to get and use Authorized User Tradelines for maximum credit scoring. Corporate Credit Building to $250,000 is fully explored! Included within Credit Mastery 2014 is the Advanced Business Credit Tactics 2014 Will Teach You How To Build Massive Business Credit: Creating the Structure for building your business credit fast. Establishing Key Components that validate your business for funding. Then we move you into the actual process to where you are building business credit. Registration for reporting with all business credit agencies; Dun & Bradstreet and Experian Business. Obtaining five key vendor lines of credit that report to the agencies. Obtaining at least three business credit cards that report to the agencies. How to get high dollar trade lines of credit that report to the agencies for pennies on the dollar. Obtaining your first business bank loan that reports to the business credit agencies. Inside secrets are shared from industry leaders in business coaching and banking for building massive amounts of business credit in an easy to read and understand format. Using these insider secrets allows you to expedite the development in the most cost effective and efficient process for obtaining $100,000 Fast. This is updated from our 2012 Advanced Business Tactics Business Credit Manual that sold over 100,000 Digital and Softcover copies through our seminars and website. Chapters Include: Company Business Structures, Legal Entities, Nevada Companies, Wyoming Companies, New Mexico Companies, Colorado Companies, Beginning the Credit Building System, Dunn & Bradstreet – Paydex, Rating & Score, Initial Credit Building for Each Company, Golden Rules for Business Credit Building, Credit Building Core Accounts, Reporting Credit Vendors and Current Funding Sources as of 2014, Credit Building Plan to over $100,000, Bank Loans, Business Plans and Credit Planning. Strategy Guide for writing a business plan for obtaining funding: Executive Summary, Business Details, Products and Services, Business Structure, SWOT, PP& E, Information Systems, Insurance, Goals, Achievements & Strategies, Marketing, Sales Goals, Customer Management & Retention, Pricing Strategies, Competitive Overview, Target Market, The Competition, Credit Reporting Agencies! Advanced Options: Business Trust Deposit Loans, Leased Bank Instruments, Leasing Certificates of Deposits. 300 Lenders Added from Advanced Business Tactics: Business Credit Manual 2013 Edition!
Plus a Lenders List that includes the exact credit reporting agency they use! Includes Credit Card Vendors, Line of Credit and Hard Money Lenders! #Credit #CreditMastery #ISG3