I love you because you smell like my cats: A comprehensive quiz to determine who qualifies to be part of your cat family

No one has that special love for cats like you do, I mean you really love cats. But sometimes you have to bring humans into your life. Who can be trusted to be part of your big cat family? Here is the perfect quiz to test the cat-loving aptitude of any human you may consider bringing into your cat family. "I LOVE YOU BECAUSE YOU SMELL LIKE MY CATS: A comprehensive compatability quiz to determine who qualifies to be part of your cat family" offers fun reading. It is for anyone who knows that person who teeters on being overly obsessed with their cats. Maybe YOU are the one with a strong love for cats and you just want to mess with your friends a little by testing them. Here is just one example: You’re watching the television news and hear the story of a person whose house was found to have 82 cats living there and animal control officials hauled the cats away. Your first thought is...? a. That person must have mental issues.
 b. How come people are so judgmental?
 c. Where did they take those cats because I could give them a good home. Watch your friends squirm while they get their quiz results and begin wondering if you really are this crazy about your cats.