Heal Your Heart Free Your Mind: Break Free from Struggle in Your Relationships and All Areas of Your Life!

During my years in the personal development industry, I have read countless of books on the subject of personal transformation. Out of those, there are only a few that I consider to be truly important works capable of truly transforming the planet. Heal Your Heart ~ Free Your Mind..... is definitely one of those books! Brandy Faith Weld has truly pinpointed exactly why we as humans have the challenges that we do, in virtually any area of our lives - and it all starts with our relationships. This book explains exactly why people don’t get results even when they seem to be doing all the right things. What I can tell you for sure is that if you do the processes set forth in this book- actually take them on fully, and complete them- you will become an extremely powerful intentional manifestor. ~ Bob Doyle #1 Bestselling author of Follow Your Passion Find Your Power and featured teacher in the mega hit movie The Secret.

Do you know how powerful your heart is? Do you know that the state of your Heart is not only affecting your health and well-being, but also your entire life experience? When you heal your heart by healing all of your relationships, you will completely transform your life experience! When our hearts are healed and in coherence with our minds, we will finally break free from the struggles or obstacles that once limited us from living the life of our heart and soul’s intention! Your life will metamorphose into something that feels far more love-filled, joy-filled and magical!