This Is Not Your Father's Body: Fitness, Health and Nutrition for Middle-Aged Men

How does a man measure his success these days?

Is it the size of his bank account, or the size of his girth, that really matters? It's a sad but true fact that middle-aged men in North America tend to know more about their automobiles than they do about their own bodies.

Now here's a maintenance and repair manual for a man's body that anybody can follow... advice on nutrition, fitness, health and well- being for men of the baby boom generation; men for whom growing into the shape of their own father's body, as they approach 50 years of age, is something they'd just as soon avoid if possible.

It is possible, and it's easier than one might think. Read this book and learn how to develop and maintain a fitter, stronger, healthier lifestyle that will ensure a better quality of life for the long haul ahead.