The Four Seasons: Uncovering Nature

Why do seasons happen? Where do animals go in winter? How do plants reproduce?

From changes in the plant world through the year, to penguins preparing a nest, and puma kittens learning to hunt, plants and animals from every corner of the world are used to illustrate the many processes that govern natural life. These include metamorphosis, hibernation, migration, pollination, plus the many environments in which they occur, such as savanna, swamp, jungle, and deciduous woodland.

The four acetate overlays feature:

  • Winter to Spring: the Himalayan Mountains change
  • Spring to Summer: a South American pampas over time
  • Summer to Fall: deciduous woodlands turn with the season
  • Fall to Winter: a conifer forest prepares for the cold.

The Uncovering series: Exposing science and technology in stunning color and detail.

Jam-packed with exacting full-color illustrations, these titles focus on topics of particular interest to young readers. Informative text and descriptive captions and sidebars complement dozens of annotated drawings. Each book contains four acetate overlays, used in some cases to show changes over time, in others to show a cutaway interior.

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By Evelyn (The United States) · ★★★★★ · April 16, 2012
The Four Seasons is a great book to read to students about the different seasons. It teaches them many factual characteristics about the seasons. This book is also great to talk about the life cycle of different animals and their habitats. It even gives the students some information about plants,... ...more
By Kelly (The United States) · ★★★★☆ · February 21, 2014
The four seasons talkes abou the four seasons and how things change, and affect your life.People change just like the seasons at times. People also have to adapt like the animals. You have to dress according to the seasons as well.

Activity: ( social studies)

The teacher will allow the students to... ...more
By Tori (New Albany, IN) · April 02, 2013
Great way to explain the four seasons to students ...more