Uv-Vis Atlas of Organic Compounds: Part 1 : Spectra A1/1-C9/13 ; Part 2 : Spectra D1/1-M19

An invaluable source of information: 1175 critically selected and evaluated UV-VIS spectra of organic and inorganic compounds. Handy features include:
* transmission curves for the most important spectroscopic solvents * 177 tables showing the effects of substituents and solvents on typical chromophores
* helpful indexes (unsaturation values, substance names and classes, molecular formulas, CAS Registry Numbers ...)
* supplementary texts on individual substance classes by renowned experts

This critical, comprehensive yet compact collection of absorption spectra will be of lasting value to both the specialist and non-specialist.

Heinz-Helmut Perkampus is an established authority in ultraviolet and visible spectroscopy. A Professor of Physical Chemistry at the University of Düsseldorf for over 20 years, he has published prolifically in the field.