Building Better Products with Finite Element Analysis

with limited node version of NEi Nastran Finite Element Analysis software on CD and a Compendium of 13 Tutorial Lessons. In product design, knowledge is power. And Nastran, the most recognized name in analysis software, provides the engineering insight needed for innovation, exceptional quality, and the compressed design cycle time essential to market leaders. Acquire the skills and know how of modern simulation technology. You can explore and learn on your own in a convenient comprehensive manner, professional level finite element analysis (FEA) as currently practiced by leading product development corporations in industry. We are offering the 587 page Vince Adams book Building Better Products with Finite Element Analysis along with a software CD that contains our full functioning NEiModeler, 300-node limited Nastran Solver Modules (L1-L5), and a series of thirteen tutorials with models that illustrate key analysis topics including, Linear Statics, Modal Analysis, NonLinear Analysis, Dynamics, and Heat Transfer.