Motigraphics: The Analysis and Measurement of Human Motivations in Marketing

Motigraphics is the natural complement to demographics and psychographics - the completion of a triad. For consumers, because motives are the most important dimension of human behavior, motives lead directly to decisions, and decisions lead directly to purchasing behavior. Demographics and psychographics tell us the what, when, where, and how of consumer behavior; but motigraphics tells us why consumers do what they do.

Dr. Maddock maintains that academic psychology has failed to provide a formal approach to motivation; thus, marketers have never been able to get a firm grasp on why consumers prefer what they do, why they cancel and don't renew, and what factors enter into their decision making at the point of sale. With Motigraphics we can now measure and compute motives, and the strength of motivation allows us to determine how much equity a brand Motigraphics allows us to describe customer loyalty in terms of a quantitative motivational profile and scale. Not only does Dr. Maddock show how to measure motives, he also helps us assess the amount of emotion involved in a product or service. Since most consumer decisions are based on emotion, not reason, the importance of Dr. Maddock's book for psychologists, marketers, and advertising and sales professionals is self-evident and inestimable.