Design Your Own Charm Watch [With Craft Supplies] (Klutz)

Ask any fashion maven: Charms and charm bracelets are hot. Celebrities flaunt them, publications like InStyle, Teen Vogue and The New York Times feature them - even new businesses called "charm bars" have opened to meet the demand. There's good reason for this resurgence: wearing personalized charms around your wrist is like wearing the tiny, tinkling story of your life. Design Your Own Charm Watch is a timely twist on the charm bracelet trend. It comes with an attractive analogue watch (hands on a dial, not digital) on a band of adjustable link chain, along with a good supply of charms, beads, bead wire and jump rings. Follow the illustrated step-by-step instructions to create a uniquely charming timepiece. Complete your watch using just the provided supplies or follow the book's direction to incorporate your own special found objects such as seashells, buttons, pretty stones, orphaned earrings, and so forth. For inspiration, specific how-to's are given for four fun theme watches (Beaded Blossom, Seaside, Fashion and The Kitchen Sink) but, really, the sky's the limit. Isn't it time you got creative? Comes With: 1 bracelet watch, 12 charms, iridescent glass beads, 20 jump rings and bead wire. Awards: Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Award.