The Town That Lost a Ton: How One Town Used the Buddy System to Lose 3,998 Pounds... and How You Can Too!

Learn this innovative, program-oriented way to use the support of your friends, coworkers or family to lose weight.

In the spring of 1998 the people of Dyersville, Iowa, decided to go on a community campaign to improve their health by discarding pounds. The program worked. In just ten weeks a small, middle-America town made history when 383 participants found themselves standing together on a huge truck scale. Together they lost 3,998 pounds, and in doing so have sparked a new concept in health and fitness.

The key to the Fight the Fat program, which now boasts over 3,000 participants, is the buddy system. Because people need support, because they do not want to disappoint their partner(s) and because they are inspired and motivated by the success of those who want to help them, the program succeeds.

It is not about being a size 6 or being able to run a marathon. It is about feeling good about yourself no matter what size you are and being healthy. It is also about being able to turn to people who can help you, and helping yourself by helping others.

The Town That Lost a Ton is divided into ten chapters that deal with stress, exercise, food, motivation, relating to others and maintaining what you have achieved. It also contains a weekly workbook that includes focus questions for your journal, healthy habits for the week, foods for the week, recipes, self-empowerment exercises and anti-stress techniques.