Authenticating Ancient Indian Artifacts: How to Recognize Reproduction and Altered Artifacts

The popularity of collecting ancient Indian artifacts is at an all-time high, bringing with it thousands of new collectors. This increase in demand for authentic ancient artifacts has brought with it a huge increase in the number of fraudulent reproductions and modernly altered artifacts. Written for collectors of all experience levels, Authenticating Ancient Indian Artifacts takes a look at the history of fakes in the marketplace, and provides an in-depth tutorial on how to scientifically identify and avoid reproductions and modernly enhanced artifacts. Microscopic surface analysis, patination investigation, and ultraviolet light evaluations are all discussed in detail, along with many other related topics. Over 750 full-color photos help the reader gain a full understanding of how to investigate and recognize the positive and negative traits found on all relics, and how to evaluate those traits to come to a conclusion of authentic artifact or modern reproduction. No values.