Can This Elephant Curtsy on Cue?: Life Lessons Learned on a Film Set for Women in Business (Career Development Series)

Managing production on a television or film set is rich in conflict, resolution, danger, stress, inappropriate behavior, creativity, and impossible goals. Where else could a person struggle with temperamental wildlife, meet the unattainable demands of eccentric talent, and conquer budget and scheduling limitations that seem insurmountable -- all on the same day? These experiences have provided the author with a treasure chest of unusual stories that have shaped her career philosophy, management style, and ethical values both as a woman and a working mother. Each year, over one million women enter the workforce, many in the entertainment business. With their formal education behind them, they are looking for advice to help them navigate the business world and help guide them in meeting their life goals. Can This Elephant Curtsy on Cue? provides just this type of advice with an entertaining spin in well-organized, easy-tounderstand rules that are derived from personal experiences in over thirty television shows, feature films, mini-series, movies made for television, or documentaries. A fundamental insight into the world of television and feature film production told through a series of humorous, heartbreaking, or horrific personal stories by an eighteen-year veteran in the entertainment business. Only rarely does a book come along that so skillfully integrates entertainment, education, inspiration, wisdom, and revelation as this one.