Designing Courses and Teaching on the Web: A 'How-To' Guide to Proven, Innovative Strategies

Here is a practical, 'how to' book written for new online web instructors. It will also be helpful to course designers, trainers, administrators, or anyone interested in the potential of online learning and training by providing an excellent introduction to the online education arena. With direct and clear content, this book emphasizes that web-based learning should be active and engaging for students while supporting them in their learning journey. Special Features: Resources for curriculum planning, An inventory of stimulating activities, New engaging, practical classroom projects, Explains how to model 'best practices' in shaping the learning environment or supplementing teaching with the web, Provides teaching strategies for online courses to create dynamic, realistic, and visual learning models for 21st century web-based education, Includes different forms of assessment and accompanying rubrics to help the instructor adapt their current curriculum to a new and exciting way of learning online, Details how to translate instructor presence online, taking the real world personality and transposing it effectively online using dialogue and web methods for meaningful relationship development between teacher and student, Coming from a constructivist point of view, this book looks at the social aspects of learning and the development of community and collaboration that is vital for success in the online education system. The format provided will easily fit into any course design while utilizing a variety of current resources and tools.