Chinese Natural Cures: Traditional Methods for Remedies and Prevention

The most comprehensive, trusted, and user-friendly guide to Chinese traditional medicine is finally available in a handy paperback.

A perennial backlist bestseller in hardcover, Chinese Natural Cures remains the most complete and up-to-date book available in the Western world on the system and wisdom of Chinese medicine.

Traditional Chinese medicine is made up of four distinct methods of treatment: the use of herbs, acupuncture, the use of certain foods, and massage. Its practices can be used side-by-side with traditional Western medicine and have been growing steadily in popularity in the U.S. over the past decade. Written by world renowned practitioner Dr. Henry C. Lu, Chinese Natural Cures is a complete and user-friendly guide to the principals and methods of Chinese medicine. Included here are treatments for dozens of ailments and complaints such as body pains, digestive problems, sleep disorders, infertility, and more. An encyclopedic section on herbs includes the classification of all Chinese herbs and their application, and a comprehensive section on the Chinese system of food cures offers vital information on how a wide variety of foods can prevent or cure disease. Dozens of easy-to-follow charts organize all of this invaluable information for reference at a glance.

This handsomely designed new paperback edition is smaller and handier, and is sure to bring the traditions of Chinese medicine to an even wider audience.

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By Foxthyme · ★★★☆☆ · April 27, 2009
Lots of good info, but as another reviewer noted, it is hard to follow. It could be the way that my mind organizes doesn't mesh well with the way this book organizes. ...more
By Kate (Columbia, MD) · ★★★☆☆ · September 28, 2008
Skimmed and added to growing reference shelf. Henry Lu is a very good writer, fortunately. ...more
By Peyton (Beaumont, TX) · ★★★☆☆ · July 16, 2008
I like this book but it is not easy to follow. ...more