The Men's Health Belly-Off Program: Discover How 80,000 Guys Lost Their Guts...And How You Can Too

Don't just look in the mirror. Look good in the mirror.

Behind that belly of yours, there's a lean, athletic, body waiting to be exposed. Maybe you've seen this body before, but allowed middle-aged spread or the Freshman 15 to cover it up. Maybe you've been fat all your life and have never seen the fabulous, muscular physique hiding behind the extra flesh.

Trust us, it's there. We've got proof. 80,000 guys joined the Men's Health Belly-Off Club. These guys started off like you: tired all the time, unhappy about their bodies, assaulted by the diseases and indignities that come with being overweight.

Each one of these guys found a new man beneath his belly. A man who can take off his shirt at the beach without embarrassment. A man who can play sports with his friends or goof around with his children without getting winded. A man women are attracted to. Most important, each guy found a man who will live a longer, happier, and more vital life.

What Is the Belly-Off Program?

* A unique, beginner-friendly WORKOUT PROGRAM designed for your body. Naturally big guys need weight training-- not aerobics-- to quickly build calorie-burning muscle.

* A nutrition plan you can follow for life, not a diet you'll regret forever.

* Foolproof ways to stick with the program and avoid the three reasons guys quit.