My Favorite Nature Book: Animals in Their Homes: Includes an Activity Kit with Posters, Stickers & Puzzles

A gorgeously illustrated book, two fold-out posters, four sheets of stickers, and a puzzle will all entice children to come along on a wildlife expedition into the dwellings of various creatures. Thanks to the beautifully rendered paintings, kids will be able to visit—and take a close look at—animal homes that lie deep underground, up high in the trees, and by the river’s edge. Travel through the mole’s labyrinth-like tunnels and dig into the rabbit’s burrow. Snuggle into the fox’s cozy den, and climb into birds’ and squirrels’ nests. Wander along the water’s edge to find a beaver’s lodge or otter’s bed, and watch turtle, hermit crab, and snail carry their homes wherever they go. The stickers and other cool activities keep the fun going!