3G Multimedia Network Services, Accounting, and User Profiles

A cutting-edge book that offers you a comprehensive understanding of 3G multimedia network services and related architectures. This practical resource guides you in developing the services, charges and customer use data that will allow maximum profitability for your company. Covering both mobile and fixed networks, the book thoroughly explains 3G network standards, implementation architectures, charging principles, user profiles and QoS and security considerations. Presenting a wide portfolio of current and future service possibilities, the book explains how to increase user awareness and facilitate the service usage by means of customization, self-learning user profiles and the community concept. From the evolution towards multimedia, the virtual home environment and solutions for service provisioning, to charging and settlement relationships, logical user profile models and end-to-end quality of service assurance mechanisms, this resource covers the critical areas you need to understand to be successful in today's increasingly competitive marketplace.