Red Flags: What Every Girl Should Look Out For

How's a girl to know if he's the guy for you? What if your instincts are firing off warning signs when he says "It's your MIND I'm attracted to-" even while his eyes are on some other body part? What if he gets your name wrong? What if everything he says is lies? Are you still making excuses? Part self-help, part-good advice from a friend, all funny, all real, Red Flags is about believing your intuition. It's about listening to your female friends who might be able to see the truth in your situation. It's about finding what you want, not what you can settle for. And it's about trusting yourself. With 64 pages of hilarious cartoons, with real red-flag stickers so readers can mark their favorite cartoons and a fantastic little fold-over flap that makes the book a little mailable package, it's the anti-valentine for friends to give the dozen.

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By Amanda [Novel Addiction] (Hamilton, OH) · ★★★☆☆ · August 05, 2013
Cute.. and maybe useful for some. But I think the people that could really use this book would not be the ones picking it up, lol. ...more