Handbook for Focus on Adult Health: Medical-Surgical Nursing

This comprehensive yet concise clinical reference presents need-to-know information on over 170 commonly encountered diseases and disorders. The easy-to-use, colorful, consistent, and alphabetized format enables readers to gain quick access to vital information on

  • Pathophysiology
  • Risk Factors
  • Clinical Manifestations and Assessments
  • Diagnostic Methods
  • Medical and Nursing Management
  • Complications
Special Features include:
  • NursingProcess sections that include all of the steps of the nursing process: Assessment, Diagnosis, Planning, Nursing Interventions, and Evaluation.
  • Nursing Alerts that offer brief tips or highlight red-flag warnings for clinical practice.  
  • Gerontologic Considerations that highlight information pertaining specifically to the care of older adults, who comprise the fastest-growing segment of our population.