The Few Things I Know About Glafkos Thrassakis: A Novel

A brilliant work of the imagination as well as a meditation on writing itself, the story follows a biographer’s investigation into the life and works of a famous, yet highly mysterious, deceased Greek author named Glafkos Thrassakis. At the crossroads where magical realism and political fiction meet, Vassilis Vassilikos’s buoyant literary imagination flourishes beyond the confines of conventional narrative structures.

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By Óscar · ★★★★☆ · May 25, 2014
En un modesto epílogo a un texto menor de Proust, Pierre Bergounioux describía la redacción de En busca del tiempo perdido como un asunto de coraje, no de inteligencia. De qué otra forma se puede abarcar, sino, la memoria de tantos años. Vasilis Vasilicós ha invertido varias décadas en la redacci... ...more
By Oriana (Brooklyn, NY) · June 06, 2008
I've never heard of this one, but a nice boy who says my reading list is 'intense' recommends it. And how can I say no to that? ...more