Assembly Modeling with SolidWorks 2006

Assembly Modeling with SolidWorks is written to assist the intermediate SolidWorks user who desires to enhance their skill sets in assembly modeling. The book provides a solid foundation in assembly modeling using competency-based projects. In step-by-step instructions, you perform the following tasks:

  • Explore top-level assemblies that contain hundreds of features, parts, and sub-assemblies.
  • Design, create, and modify assemblies, parts, and drawings based on geometric and functional requirements.
  • Develop assemblies from a Bottom-up design modeling approach utilizing components from global suppliers.
  • Develop a Top-down design modeling approach incorporating a Layout sketch and in-context features.
  • Incorporate Configurations, Design tables, Bill of Materials, and Custom properties to represent multiple design options in the part, assembly and drawing.
  • Understand external references and features developed in-Context of an assembly; edit and redefine references, features, and components.
  • Exercise Shortcut keys, Customize toolbars, and Pop-up menus to build modeling speed.
  • Maximize geometric relationships in the part sketch, build symmetry in the part, and reuse components in the assembly.
  • Manage files through SolidWorks Explorer.

Each project begins with the desired outcomes and usage competencies. You know the templates, components, drawing and tables you need to create. You review a complete list of SolidWorks tools and commands up front.

Explore assembly modeling techniques through a series of design situations, industry scenarios, projects and objectives. The book compliments and enhances the SolidWorks Reference Guide and SolidWorks Tutorials. Although over 150 SolidWorks tools and commands are utilized in Assembly Modeling with SolidWorks, the book is not a commands guide. The book is a self-paced tutorial in a realistic design setting. Complex models expose you to large assembly modeling techniques. You focus on the design process while learning the commands relative to assemblies.

Table of Contents

Project 1. File Management
Project 2. Assembly Modeling - Bottom Up Design
Project 3. Top Down Design - In Context
Project 4. Configurations, Custom Properties Design Tables and References
Project 5. Assembly Drawing
Project 6. Top Down Design Modeling Techniques