Moonlight Man

Sharon Leslie is a survivor. She's survived a difficult childhood, a disastrous, abusive marriage, the death of a very lucrative career, and the terrifying, temporary loss of her beloved sister, Jeanie. She doesn't think she can survive the risk of falling in love again, not even with the man who was responsible for her sister's rescue, and who is her son's hero. Marc Duval is also a survivor. Product of a large, loving family, once a happy, devoted husband and father, he has been acquitted on charges that he murdered his wife and children, but the accusation continues to haunt him. Too many people believe he got off because of who he was and who his family was. To put that all behind him, be becomes a drifter and until he drifts into Sharon's life, was content to be that. But the captivating, sad woman who hates the music he plays on his harmonica intrigues him, just as the neediness of her young son appeals to him. What kind of future can there possibly be for a man who, in the absence of any other suspects, is still believed by many to be the worst kind of monster, and a woman who actually lived with one? Moonlight Man is Book II of the Golden Bangles Trilogy that started with Dream Man, released in July of 2003.