I Do: A Guide to Creating Your Own Unique Wedding Ceremony

Planning a wedding can be an emotional and logistical nightmare, especially if you want your ceremony to be as unique as you are. Well, forget about the three-tiered cake, stop obsessing over what Martha would do, and make your special day a walk down the aisle less traveled with I DO, a creative, accessible guide to designing unique marriage ceremonies. Beginning with an explanation of traditional wedding elements-the bridal veil, the exchange of rings, the cake, the vows-author Sydney Barbara Metrick offers inspired wedding alternatives drawn from ancient Greece and Persia, pagan Europe, and Elizabethan England, among other traditions. Planning guides include sample ceremonies and instructions for personalizing them.

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By Sarah (Rochester, MI) · ★★☆☆☆ · January 22, 2009
I was hoping for more examples of vows and officient readings. It was OK. Definitely goes over the rest of the ceremony and different options and where wedding traditions come from. ...more