Marie Claire Hair & Makeup

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From Marie Claire—one of today's hottest fashion magazines, with more than a million readers—comes a hairstyle and cosmetics guide filled with truly smart, individual, and practical advice. With large, detailed photographs and diagrams, it explains how to play up those features that give a face interest and individuality, and provides guidance on putting together a kit of makeup essentials, choosing the right colors, and making sense of the wide array of available products. Throughout, "Beauty Intelligence" and "Secrets" pages cover everything from attaining a flawless complexion to having perfectly polished nails. Most important, all the suggestions take into account the busy lifestyle of the contemporary woman, suggesting a variety of ways to spend less time fussing but without sacrificing attractiveness.


About the author:
Jane Campsie studied at the London College of fashion. Her work has appeared in a range of international publications, and has received numerous awards.