EU Security Policy: What It Is, How It Works, Why It Matters

What is the European Union s security and defense policy (CSDP)? How does it work? Does it make a difference in international security affairs? How do other global actors react to Europe s new assertiveness? And how do theories of international relations account for the trajectory of EU integration in the high politics of national security? In this comprehensive survey and analysis, Michael Merlingen brings together the key issues, themes, and debates related to the CSDP.

Merlingen explores the construction and inner workings of EU security policy, as well as its impact both regionally and globally. He also looks carefully at relationships between the EU and other world powers. Taking stock of the CSDP its successes and failures, accomplishments and limitations he highlights the challenges and opportunities that await the EU as it continues to reinforce its position as an important security actor on the world stage.