Your Heart: An Owner's Guide

Foreword by Robert Jarvik, MD, President , Jarvik Heart, New York, New York

Despite great progress in prevention and treatment, heart disease remains the leading cause of death in the United States. An estimated one in six Americans will develop some kind of cardiac problem in their lifetime, and each year nearly three-quarters of a million people die from heart disease. Faced with these statistics, Americans naturally have many questions about risk factors, warning signs, treatment options, and numerous other concerns. This comprehensive guide makes crucial, potentially life-saving information about the heart easily accessible. Based on decades of hands-on experience in treating patients, the authors—a cardiothoracic surgeon and a cardiologist, both affiliated with Yale University School of Medicine—address specific questions that they hear virtually every day from the people in their care. Simulating an office visit with heart specialists, the book uses an easy-to-follow format that allows readers to find answers quickly. Numerous professional medical drawings and actual operating-room photographs illustrate important facts and concepts. From well-known problems such as hypertension, high cholesterol, and angina, to lesser-known conditions such as valvular heart disease, rheumatic fever, and arrhythmia, the authors provide clear, up-to-date, fact-based medical information, while avoiding confusing jargon as well as fad therapies. They also discuss tests and diagnoses; lifestyle changes to avoid or to live with heart disease; medications and therapies; and surgical procedures such as bypass grafting, valve replacement, and heart transplants, among other treatments. A special section is devoted to women and their hearts. This superb all-in-one popular reference book on the heart will be a welcome resource for heart patients, their families, healthcare providers, and anyone concerned about a healthy lifestyle.