What to do When You Can't Decide: Useful Tools for Finding the Answers Within

You're at the proverbial fork in the road. Now what? It may surprise you, but according to Meg Lundstrom, you already know what to do--if you know how to ask. With What to Do When You Can't Decide, she shows you how to tap into your own inner-guidance system with tools and teachings from the divination tradition. Bypassing the conscious mind to access your deeper subconscious intelligence, these techniques can help you make on-the-spot decisions, end second guessing, and enhance your sense of natural flow with life. Join the co-author of The Power of Flow (Three Rivers, 1998) to gain step-by-step instruction in: The Chits, an easy pen-and-paper technique to make any decision. Pendling, a simple method that uses a handheld instrument to answer yes-or-no questions and more. Muscle Testing, an on-the-spot technique that allows your fingers to "do the talking". From small decisions like choosing items at the grocery store, to bigger questions around relationships and career, What to Do When You Can't Decide offers practical tools to help you confidently move forward on your life's journey.