Quickies You'll Never Forget: Fast Sex, Fast Orgasm, Anytime, Anywhere

It's unrealistic to expect to engage in full-on sex all the time, which is why "quickies" are not optional; they're damn necessary. An updated new edition of The Art of the Quickie, Quickies You'll Never Forget shows you how to have quick but rewarding sex. Quickies can be even more fulfilling than those long sessions because the thrill involved in having sex unexpectedly and/or in forbidden locations adds a potent element of excitement. But what about women? Is the quickie fair to them? Quickies You'll Never Forget features definitive guidelines for women to experience faster orgasms—in 5 minutes!—thereby relieving men of the performance anxiety that often accompanies the responsibility of bringing their partners to orgasm. Inside, you'll find 30 full-color photographs of various techniques, positions, and exciting, forbidden places that are perfect settings for a quick encounter. Get on the fast track to speedy and satisfying sex with Quickies You'll Never Forget!