The Complete Graphic Designer: A Guide to Understanding Graphics and Visual Communication

Resource on the what, when, where, and how of the graphic design industry.

Graphic design is a fast growing industry with thousands of new designers and students joining its ranks every year. The explosion of the graphic design field has resulted in the release of hundreds of new books, with subjects ranging from logo design to web design, design history to design criticism; today there are very few subjects related to the industry that have not been written about in one form or another. While the wealth of information and resources available to the graphic designer is extensive, it makes it hard to gain an overall perspective of graphic design and its practical applications in the field, as the content and subject matter of most books is very specialized. Design educators, especially at the collegiate level, have an increasingly difficult task of teaching a well-rounded course in graphic design, as they have to pull curriculum ideas from many sources, and require the students to purchase numerous texts.

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By A (Kansas City, MO) · ★★★★☆ · June 10, 2013
This is a solid, albeit rather brief and basic, guide to graphic design, covering mainly fundamentals and how the business itself runs. The language is clear, straightforward, and highly informative, while the numerous examples help to highlight different creative strategies and good design for a... ...more
By Ramona (Newbury, The United Kingdom) · ★★★★★ · October 27, 2012
And excellent basic knowledge book for graphic designers and visual communication specialists.
Will not very much work as reference material if you need new ideas, but has basically all the theoretical things you need to know be good at Graphics Design(considering you know your software and media... ...more