RB: The Game

The adventure began with RB: The Widow Maker and it continued with RB: The Enchantress. Now the adventure heats up in this third book of the RB Trilogy as Aubrey Malone once again finds herself on board a pirate ship under the command of Captain Rene Black. Yet this time she is not the same timid young woman he had faced before. Now she is among friends and, like those on board the Enchantress, has one main concern: finding Captain Mala. Taunted by the words left in Alexander’s note—‘How are you in the hunt, my good pirate captain? When you find me, should you find me, Captain, you will find her’—Black has no choice but to play this game of hide and seek, and by Alexander’s rules. Assuming command of the Enchantress and her crew, Black begins his search for Mala. With one disappointment after another, will Black finally tire of the chase and give up the search? Or will some battle at sea cease all hope of ever finding the true captain of the Enchantress?