El Hogar Saludable (The Healthy Home - Spanish Edition): Simple Truths to Protect Your Family from Hidden Household Dangers

In The Healthy Home, a father and son--Dr. Myron Wentz, well-known microbiologist and founder of the USANA Corporation, and Dave Wentz, CEO of the USANA Corporation--take readers on a tour of a specific home for a look at the surprising health risks posed by the everyday products and behaviors of a modern family. Beginning in the bedroom and ending in the garage and backyard, readers learn about the degenerative effects of toxins in the home and receive simple solutions to help minimize exposure without foregoing convenience.

The Healthy Home is not a comprehensive tome on modern health hazards; nor is it a treatise on eco-conscious living. Instead, the book focuses on the most important environment--the home--and the problems that can most easily be lessened or eliminated. Busy parents who suspect that they should be doing more to protect their family but don't know where to start will learn about practical changes they can make in the next fifteen minutes, fifteen days, or fifteen months to create a haven for healthier living.

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By Brenda (Fayetteville, NC) · ★★★☆☆ · April 13, 2011
The Healthy Home

Beware the cordless phone, my friend,
the microwave, the Internet.
Beware the baby monitor,
that fluoride toothpaste, minty breath.

Just take The Healthy Home in hand
and cast out fruit juice, nonstick pans.
Shun soda, night lights. Save
your glands by going braless. Ban

all use of lavend... ...more
By Maria (Warwick, NY) · ★★★★★ · February 25, 2011
What I Can Tell You:

This is one of the most interesting books I have read on protecting my family from the every day products I use in my home and on our bodies.

I was shocked at how many toxins we have in our house. Once you get educated, it is easy to see why these items are a danger to you and... ...more
By Elizabeth (The United States) · ★★☆☆☆ · June 02, 2011
Ugh. This book started out good, but quickly took the crazy train. I can't take anyone seriously who advocates for no vaccines. ...more
By Sarah (Maysville, KY) · ★★★☆☆ · April 18, 2011
Honestly, I just skimmed this one, and it wasn't my fault. The subject matter makes you want to just find out the useful information, and the format is choppy and fragmented. I don't like contrived "conversation" narratives in non-fiction.

That said, I do believe most of his warnings and suggesti... ...more
By USANA (Salt Lake City, UT) · ★★★★★ · March 16, 2011
The Healthy Home focuses on the most important environment — the home — and reveals surprising health risks posed by our everyday products and habits.

The authors — Dr. Myron Wentz, a respected microbiologist and cellular health expert, and Dave Wentz, the CEO of an international health company —... ...more
By Jessi (Redlands, CA) · ★★★☆☆ · April 16, 2011
There were tons of interesting things here that you wouldn't normally think about being dangerous in your own home. It's important to keep things in perspective though and I have to remember that when reading things like this... We can't live in a bubble but we can make some minor changes to make... ...more
By Lara (Pasadena, CA) · ★★★★★ · August 28, 2013
I just listened to this on audio books (app overdrive-using library card) it was so informative I just purchased book to have at home as my health bible. it was incredibly informative and scary. I thought I was doing better (as in eating healthier, environment, and cleaning) I was not even close.... ...more
By Pam (Pelham, AL) · ★★★★☆ · June 15, 2011
Very informative!! Who knew going braless was good for you!
By Ashley (Orlando, FL) · ★★☆☆☆ · December 30, 2013
Part of me wanted to dismiss everything once I got to the section where they try to suggest that vaccines cause autism. This is because that claim is one of the most widely refuted medical hoaxes currently out there. Not getting your children vaccinated does much more harm than good. While your c... ...more
By Craig (Columbus, OH) · ★★★☆☆ · October 21, 2011
I find this book has equal parts common sense, and crazy-talk.

Let's start with the positive. It's a quick and easy read. It suggests some easy ways to reduce toxins in our lives. It provides recipes for holistic cleaning agents.

But the crazy talk kicks in pretty strong. The fake walk-through nar... ...more