What High Schools Don't Tell You: 300+ Secrets to Make Your Kid Irresistible to Colleges by Senior Year

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From the author of What Colleges Don't Tell You, 250 secrets for raising the kid colleges will compete to accept

The headlines prove it: Competition for admission to America's top colleges is more cutthroat than ever. Gone are the days when parents could afford to let high school guidance counselors handle the admissions process alone-gone, also, are the days when a student could wait until senior year to prepare for it. As Elizabeth Wissner-Gross, a highly successful educational strategist, knows from working for over a decade with hundreds of middle- and high school students and their parents, if you want to raise a kid colleges will compete for, you must act, early and aggressively, as opportunity scout, coach, tutor, manager, and publicist-or be willing to watch that acceptance letter go to someone whose parents did.

What High Schools Don't Tell You reveals 250 strategies to help parents stack the admissions deck in their kid's favor, gleaned from Wissner-Gross's expertise and from interviews with parents of outstandingly high achievers-strategies that most high school guidance counselors, principals, and teachers simply don't know to share. From identifying exactly which academic credentials will wow an admissions committee to which summer programs and extra-curriculars can turn an ordinary applicant into a must-have, What High Schools Don't Tell You demonstrates how hands-on parental involvement early in a child's high school career is essential to achieving college admissions success.

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By Liz (Bothell, WA) · ★★★★☆ · September 23, 2014
Loved this book. Summarizes the steps for a student who wants to get into a specific field before college. I didn't like the tones of overt competitiveness, since there are so many areas of possible study, can't we all be friends? But I will definitely revisit this when my kids are middle school... ...more
By Gjscollins (The United States) · ★★★☆☆ · March 25, 2014
Great ideas but I think most of the book is geared towards highly gifted kids to stand out. I enjoyed reading about finding your child's dreams and funneling their energies in the summers towards them. I got some great tips though for my above average child! ...more
By Joy (Cedar City, UT) · ★★★★★ · March 08, 2008
Wow. If you have a kid who is nearing middle school, this is very enlightening. Because I was so unprepared for college, I decided to get this (Brooklyn will be in 7th grade next year!), and I'm so glad I did. It categorizes student interests and makes suggestions for activities that colleges lov... ...more
By Wendy (Vancouver, WA) · ★★★☆☆ · April 14, 2011
I think this book is directed for really motivated, highly qualified kids.

But it did motivate me to get them ready for SAT's, ACT's, and volunteering...things like that. ...more