It's Her Wedding But I'll Cry If I Want To: A Survival Guide for the Mother of the Bride

Just what every mother of the bride needs to help her deal with the emotional, logistical, and financial challenges of her daughter's big day!

What premarital advice should a mother give the daughter who knows more about sex and stock portfolios than she does? Can the groom's step-grandparents march down the aisle as part of the wedding procession? How can a cousin get ordained on the Internet to perform the ceremony? This witty, brass-tacks survival manual for the 21st-century mother of the bride provides sharp, sensible answers to these and myriad other questions.

Hilarious anecdotes and practical advice abound as the lifestyle editor for The Washingtonian shares wise counsel and helpful hints from a mom who's been there as well as chronicles some ill-fated nuptials (as a primer for what not to do). From deciphering the mysteries of wedding food to learning to understand florist-speak, from picking a suitable mother-of-the-bride outfit-without looking like a Red Hot Mama or, worse, your grandmother in lavender and lace-to keeping a sense of humor when some of what can go wrong does, this down-to-earth guide makes a perfect gift for every mother determined to give her daughter the wedding of her dreams.

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By Marion (The United States) · ★★★★☆ · January 11, 2014
A fun, quick read. Not the best planning guide out there, but enough good, MOB-centered tips to make it worthwhile, and written with a self-effacing sense of humor that only a middle-aged woman facing a wedding can muster.
By Missy · ★★★★★ · January 18, 2009
Great and fun read for anyone who knows someone getting married. There were great pointers interspersed through a well written and entertaining book. I enjoyed it so much I bought a copy for my mom. ...more
By Alina (The United States) · ★★★★★ · July 17, 2012
A must read for every MOB! Lots of humor interlaced with good advice. Helpful to moms like helping daughters with weddings. ...more
By Chez (Calgary, AB, Canada) · ★★★★☆ · April 11, 2010
should be required reading for all mother of the bride ...more
By Kathy (Downers Grove, IL) · August 07, 2011
Gift from Judy, can't rate it, just a fun read for a MOB! ...more