Bipolar II: Enhance Your Highs, Boost Your Creativity, and Escape the Cycles of Recurrent Depression--The Essential Guide to Recognize and Treat the Mood Swings of This Increasingly Common Disorder

The psychiatrist whose pioneering bestseller Moodswing introduced lithium as the treatment for bipolarity now focuses on the milder form of the disease, and the result is another landmark work—one that can help millions with Bipolar II to live better lives. Thirty years ago, Dr. Ronald Fieve pioneered the use of lithium for what was then known as "manic depression." His book Moodswing was a runaway hit, published in seven countries. Since then, Dr. Fieve has focused on patients with mild bipolarity—what is now known as Bipolar II. He has discovered that Bipolar II patients are—almost across the board—driven, successful, high-achieving individuals who, with the right treatment, can actually turn their illness into an asset. In this first book to concentrate exclusively on milder bipolarity, Dr. Fieve explains how newer drugs with fewer side effects are revolutionizing the treatment of Bipolar II. Some people with mild bipolarity may not require drugs at all—just a specific lifestyle program, which Dr. Fieve spells out in this book. In the past, many patients with the illness have resisted treatment because they did not want to give up the euphoria of the "highs." But left untreated, the condition’s lows can be devastating—sometimes resulting in suicide. Here, Dr. Fieve reveals his remarkably successful treatment program (with results supported by thousands of patient histories) that allows patients to keep the highs while minimizing the lows. And he explains how his program can help turn the illness into a positive and patients into what he calls "bipolar beneficials."