Stuck on You: Do-It-Yourself Dating Patches for the Single Girl

Finally, there's a fun and funky way for today's single women to escape the chaotic and stressful dating scene-the patch! Filled with colorful illustrations, catchy advice, and four sheets of "patches" (stickers in the four patch designs), this entertaining book follows a thirtysomething everywoman down a new dating path. Fed up with the usual singles scene, she's given up on finding Mr. Right, but she doesn't want to abandon all of the feelings associated with relationships. Now, thanks to the revolutionary Stuck on You patch process, she doesn't have to! Each step in the patch program delivers a new level of dating emotions:

Step 1-Anticipation. This fuzzy, pink heart-shaped patch will have single girls giggling, blushing, and waiting by the phone.
Step 2-Connection. This shiny, red lightning-shaped patch leads to new lingerie and lots of time in the bedroom.
Step 3-Commitment. This dull olive patch plants women firmly on the couch, wondering why they watch so much TV. And where did their sex drive go?
Step 4-Reentry. This sparkly, blue star-shaped patch will have single girls remembering their relationship searches with renewed eagerness, ready to tackle dating once again!

For any woman who's looking for a relationship, or simply fed up with the one she already has, this parody of self-help science is guaranteed to stick with her through all the ups and downs of modern dating.