The Broken H

A rocky past that sent Shane fleeing his home and seeking refuge on The Broken H has kept him from the one thing that has always been dear to him.Grayson.

Sheriff Grayson Hunter hasn't felt like he belonged for a long time. Once he loved The Broken H, his ancestral home, and Shane Cortez with all that he was. Now he tries to stay as far away from the ranch and the man as possible until an accident brings them together.

Gray didn't count on Shane's decision to let go of the past...and get a hold of Gray.

Publisher's Note: This book is a male-male love story and contains homoerotic sex acts that may be offensive to some readers.

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By Daisiemae · ★★★★★ · November 30, 2008
The Broken H is the second book in the Ranch Series. I loved the Tin Star, and enjoyed The Broken H as much as the first book!
Sheriff Grayson Hunter has been avoiding coming home for any length of time, to the Broken H for years. Although he loves his parents, his unrequited love for the foreman... ...more
By Kerry (Rotherham, South Yorkshire, The United Kingdom) · ★★★★★ · February 12, 2015
OMG how much did I love this book, it had it all, a man in uniform and a dark handsome man and red hot love with a damn good story to top it off. I read this because it was on the reading list of one of my favourite authors, Andrew Grey, and I have to say I was not disappointed. I loved book 1, a... ...more
By Alvin (San Mateo, Philippines) · ★★★☆☆ · February 18, 2015
Same formula. Enjoyable but Still a little unrealistic.

Is there a Royal and John story? More gay Cowboys please!!!

3.5 STARS ...more
By Kati (Czech Republic) · ★★★★☆ · November 26, 2008
Very light reading, more of a gay Harlequin than anything else. I would have preferred less sex and more plot development - Gray's election, Shane's family problems - and more suspense but I think that in the end, the book was exactly what I expected it to be so I'm quite content with it. ...more
By Alina (Moscow, Russian Federation) · ★★★★★ · February 03, 2012
Loved this book every bit as much as the first one! Sweet and cute story, peppered with a little angsty moments and very hot sex scenes! :) The characters were sweet and adorable and I want a sequel about John and McCabe!!! I think they'd be great couple :) ...more