What's it like to live in a young body and mind while struggling with ADD/ADHD? And how does it feel to have to live with a loved one suffering with this disorder? FIDGETS is an eye-opening novel written especially for teens. However, people of all ages will find this book heart-warming and thought-provoking - siblings, parents, educators, librarians, health care professionals and more. Mildred Patterson owns the THE OLD HAS-BEEN ANTIQUE SHOP in Evergreen Colorado. Her daughter, Betsy, "keeps hoping a two-ton leech will swallow up her immature, older brother and regurgitate him back up . whole and well." Eventually, and after much heartache, the Patterson family unravels the mystery, finds the culprit (ADD/ADHD) and finally makes an arrest . "a rest" well-deserved by everyone involved. After many years of total chaos, fear, frustration and little hope, this family finally finds an effective treatment; an alternative to Ritalin and other invasive-type drugs. There have been hundreds of non-fiction books written about ADD/ADHD and many are written with 'ho-hum' dry facts. FIDGETS, on the other hand, is a novel that captivates, informs and inspires readers with plenty of action, humor and clear lessons for coping with this little-understood affliction. This entertaining story concludes with a 'new sign of the times' being posted at the store: THE AIN'T WHAT IT USED TO BE ANTIQUE SHOP . symbolizing a big sigh of relief for the entire family, as well as the Evergreen community. ABOUT THE AUTHOR After living in Denver, Colorado for 32 years, Jennifer French decided it was time for a new life-adventure . and what a fabulous journey it's been thus far. So many of Jennifer's passions and dreams have come alive since moving to the Oregon coast. Soon after arriving in Florence, she published a young adult, multi-cultural novel, Hoot Owl Shares The Dawn. Her book won 'honorable mention' in the 2005 Independent Publisher's Awards. Jennifer's now writing a quirky novel, Under The Same Roof, and it takes place 'in a funny. but not so funny' retirement home. With a major in advertising and minor in journalism, Jennifer's passion for the arts and writing started early. After a long career in college administration she moved to Oregon where she realized her real passion was painting in watercolors and writing. In 2005, Jennifer and her life partner walked into an old vacant building and, with the help of fifteen other artists, managed to transform a five-room house into a thriving artist co-op and art gallery in Florence. Now the Backstreet Gallery is "home" for twenty fabulous local artists and has become a pulsating art movement on the central Oregon coast. Whether it's writing or painting, Jennifer's creativity always seems to reflect her inner joys, light-hearted humor and passion for life's simplicities. Please visit her website at: