Why You Should Not Have Sex Before Marriage: The Christian Perspective

One of the biggest challenges (if not the biggest challenge) facing Christian teenagers today is the Biblical requirement to preserve one's virginity before marriage. There are many reasons why Christian teens lose their virginity before marriage. It can be due to peer-pressure. It can be because of lack of clear Biblical teaching in their Church youth group programs. It can be because they are from a broken home and they long for some kind of affection that they don't feel like they get at home. Maybe their Christian parents do not adequately teach them about what the Bible teaches. Evangelist Sam Goode's book is great because it gives guidance where guidance is needed. He discusses from the Bible why keeping virginity before marriage is important. Also, based on Biblical principles and Christian philosophy, Evangelist Goode gives some common sense reasons why Christian teens should protect their virginity at all cost. This is a must read for Christian parents and Christian youth pastors. This book would make a wonderful gift to Christian teens struggling in a Hollywood-bombarded secular culture that stands against the principles of the Bible.