Whispered Wishes

In "Whispered Wishes", experience how Kristin dealt growing up with the pain of being different, the challenges and rewards of motherhood, the death of her father and the on going search of her soul. The world is such a beautiful place. It begins at our back door and extends to both real and imaginary vistas. So take the time to appreciate "your world" and use the positive energy nature provides, just as Kristin has done. Enjoy this collection of endearing photos, and beautiful pros as they provide a pathway to nature and the hidden heart. During her youth, Kristin was an exceptionally tall, thin, and quiet girl. Often alone with her thoughts, she turned to journaling at a very young age and soon developed a strong desire for expression and creativity. The farm she grew up on provided a safe, isolated environment where these desires could flourish. She learned how to work hard, appreciate God's Nature, and form good family values. Later in her life, she continued expressing herself through art, crafts and gardening, but her love of nature remained a priority. After discovering she could preserve and recreate her moments in nature through photography, her journaling took on a new meaning. The result of these pursuits is this book. Kristin attended Iowa State University in Ames where she studied art and subsequently met her husband. Since that time she has lived with her husband and raised three beautiful, tall children in a small mid-western town. (As a family they continue to work hard together and she continues to journal and enjoy her many outdoor passions.)