Copyright, Patent, Trademark and Related State Doctrines, Cases and Materials on the Law of Intellectual Property

The Revised Sixth Edition was comprehensively updated to take account of new judicial, legislative, and scholarly developments in all areas of intellectual property law--trademark, copyright, and patent, and also idea protection, trade secrets, right of publicity, and other areas. The Revised Sixth Edition includes recent decisions in patent law (Bilski), copyright law (Cablevision), trademark law (Rescuecom), and design patent law (Egyptian Goddess). It provides cases and notes on emerging First Amendment limitations on federal and state intellectual property rights and addresses emerging trends in Lanham Act section 43(a) and newly revised provisions of federal anti-dilution law. Other highlighted topics include the Internet and domain names, secondary liability, safe harbors, and anti-circumvention provisions; expanded coverage of software protection and business method patents; and notes comparing U.S. intellectual property doctrines to rules in other countries. In the Sixth Edition the materials on trademark and unfair competition have been reorganized, as have the materials on federal preemption of state law.