Growing Up in Africa

Africa is a land of mystery, of jungles, of exotic animals and vast deserts. And for Alicia and Annie, it is a land of surprises. When their father accepts a position at a small African college, the two girls find they are in for a world of adventure-if they can survive. Between escaping renegade cobras and cockroach armies, making friends with lions and nearly getting squashed by elephants, and teaching a chimpanzee to play dressup-not to mention trying to convince the Africans that Santa Claus is not a witch doctor-Alicia and Annie begin to realize that they may be in over their heads. Regardless of the danger, they come to love this strange and wild land, its people, and its customs. Growing up in Africa is full of tales and truths that no reader will ever forget. Les and Genny Nuckolls are both California natives with a love for traveling and writing. Les and his children lived in Africa for a number of years. During this time, they developed a deep appreciation and understanding of African family and cultural values. He and his two young daughters had some amazing experiences, many of which are chronicled in this book.