Journal Entries of a Trepid Sailor

Have you been saying that you are going to chase your dreams when the time is right? Did you sense that as midlife came and went, the possibility of doing so was beginning to diminish? Are you looking for a little inspiration? Then join the crew of the Shadowfax, a 40-foot sailboat purchased by a couple during their golden years, for the sole purpose of sailing the Inside Passage from Seattle to Alaska for what they consider to be the trip of a lifetime. Told in journal format, complete with amazing details, you'll be with them as they experience dangerous weather, as they explore long-forgotten places, and as they bask in the beauty they found everywhere they looked. Go with them as they drop their fishing lines in the water in hopes of finally catching the big one. Listen to the waves crash against their boat. Delight with them as they spot various forms of sea-life. And learn about exotic places with them. The author has had several articles published in various sailing magazines and she has a passion for writing. She and her husband are experienced sailors who continue to log hours at sea, and they are loving every minute of it. Born 1948 as an identical twin "army brat" Jacquelyn Watt, spent most of her life in the Seattle, Washington area. She married her husband Robert (Captain Bob)Watt in 1968 in Hawaii on his R&R from army duty in Viet Nam. On their honeymoon they got certified for scuba diving. She graduated from the University of Washington with a Bachelor of Science in Botany in 1970, three months before the birth of her first child, Erika. Erika was followed by brother Karl in 1972. Jacquelyn did the usual things as a full time homemaker, such as a tw0-year stint as PTA President, volunteer work with the elderly, Campfi re Girl Leader, and one of the first Campfire Boy Leaders. This was interspersed with bouts of mountain climbing (Mount Rainier was the highest peak), scuba diving, wind surfing, hiking, snow skiing, water-skiing, jogging, motorcycling , bicycling, canoeing, and camping. (The Watt canoe team won the Redmond "Run, Row, and Ride" each time they entered!) In 1978 Bob and Jacquelyn purchased waterfront property in the San Juan Islands on Stuart Island. This was to be their base of operations for camping, fishing and diving. A solar powered cabin was built with hand dug wells, septic tank holes and drain fields. They still are using this site today- along with running Humpy Fishing Camp every two years for friends and family. ( FYI Humpys are salmon.) Hobbies have included belly dancing (professionally), scuba diving, fishing, solar design, windsurfing, water skiing, snow skiing, ceramics, stained glass, ukulele, guitar playing, cooking, sewing, auto mechanics, auto restoration (restored a 1964 ½ Ford Mustang Convertible with husband) auto mechanics, and antique collection and restoration. Sailing was a recent accomplishment starting with the purchase of the Shadowfax in 2004. Her husband, Bob, had sailed on and off his whole life, so he was able to teach his "crew" (Jacquelyn) how to sail. She worked as a bookkeeper/accountant specializing in construction accounting from 1982-2007 and was able to work remotely by using broadband internet technology, even in Desolation Sound, British Columbia, and Alaska! The only down side to this busy life-style is the physical toll on a body not designed for all the activity. Both she and her twin suffer from skeletal/bone problems. Jacquelyn had both her hips replaced in 2003, one year prior to purchasing the Shadowfax. Her twin echoed the problem with major back surgery that same year, and will eventually need hip replacements. In 2007 Jacquelyn was forced to have the same back surgery entailing fusion with rods and screws, plus the accompanying laminectomy. So you have a bionic hip lady and a bionic back lady! Both are sailors on different coasts, computer literate and highly competitive.