Improve your Child's Behavior

Are You Winning the Behavior Battle? Do you feel like you're caught in an endless cycle of argument and debate with your child? Change your attitude! Adults should not get into power struggles with children. Learn how to take control of those behavior battles, and with a few, simple strategies put a stop to the fights and debates. Improving Your Child's Behavior: Simple Strategies that Really Work, by Dr. Terry de Forrest, M.F.T, Ph.D., takes you through the most common reasons that children misbehave, then provides simple techniques for behavior modification that you can start using right away. You'll get clear information and tools to help you redirect your child's behavior. Examples of everyday behavior situations show you how these simple techniques have proven to be successful. When done correctly and consistently, improvements have been known to occur as soon as the first day! If your child is diagnosed with a disability, it will change the way behavioral strategies are developed for him/her, but it doesn't mean that your child cannot be well behaved. Knowledge is the key to minimizing frustration and maximizing success for both you and your child. Dr. de Forrest will explain how developmental delays and disabilities can impact your child's thinking and behavior. Then he'll show you how to help your child develop to his/her fullest potential. Improving Your Child's Behavior: Simple Strategies that Really Work covers the most common forms of disability, including speech, auditory, and sensory challenges and provides easy strategies that work.