The History of a Crime

Though the great French novelist, poet and dramatist Victor Hugo's work has gone in and out of favor since his death in 1885, few have ever forgotten his masterpiece, Les Miserables nor that he is the author to have created the "Hunchback" of Notre Dame. The collected works of Victor Hugo encompass eighteen 1,500 page manuscripts -- almost more than any one reader could possibly encompass. Victor Hugo's life spanned the 19th century in France, from Napoleon Bonaparte to the Republics to revolution and coup 'd etat. When Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte (later to become Napoleon III) was elected President of France in 1849, Victor Hugo was originally elected a deputy to the new regime. But "le petit" Napoleon's ambitions soon led to Hugo's firm opposition. He left France for an nineteen-year exile, during which time he wrote Histoire d'un Crime, or The History of a Crime, which tells the story of Napoleon III's accession to power -- the book was first published in 1877, following Hugo's eventual return to France from his two-decade exile.

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By Philippe (BOULOGNE, France) · ★★★★★ · October 02, 2014
I believe that it's one of the first political text of Victor Hugo. It is a journalistic report of the coup d'Etat of Napoleon III.
Strange man that Victor Hugo. Young person, he was royalist Pair of France, he finishes his life republican.
The machination proceeds without much resistance. The me... ...more
By Literaria (Málaga, 29602, Spain) · ★★★★☆ · September 30, 2014
Historia de un crimen es la crónica de las cuatro primeras jornadas que se saldaron con 400 muertos y 184 heridos. Las consecuencias de la derrota se extendieron también a los miembros de la oposición que tuvieron que abandonar el país y que se negaron a volver a Francia a pesar del decreto de am... ...more