Racial Profiling (Point/Counterpoint)

Racial profiling is one of the most divisive issues facing contemporary American society. "Driving while black or brown" or "flying while Arab" have become pejorative catchphrases. Some say the use of racial profiling calls into question the underlying fairness of the criminal justice system because it deprives a person of the right to equal protection under the law simply because of his or her race. Others note, however, that some types of criminal profiling are acceptable and even helpful in solving crimes. Adding to the complexity is the reality that few can agree on a precise definition of racial profiling. This new book examines racial profiling through several central aspects of this issue, including the war on drugs and the drug courier profile, the war on terrorism and those of Arabic descent, and the immigration controversy and Latinos, giving readers opinions from all sides of the issue as well as the statues, legal aspects, and studies to formulate a cohesive view.