Sneak Peek

WATCH ME by Shelley Bradley Shanna is set to become a dance champion until scandal robs her of her partner. She needs help and she needs it nowbut not from the gorgeous owner of a sex club who tempts her with the forbidden... When she asks his assistance to catch a blackmailer, Alejandro agrees to help her stage a bedroom trap. Neither is prepared for the scorching passion, the undeniable loveor the blackmailer's identity. SHOW ME by Jaci Burton As manager of her late father's philanthropic interests, Janine keeps her pastimes above reproach. But when an intriguing man offers her the chance to indulge her every secret fantasy, Janine risks a leap of faith]] Del knows Janine wants a chance to explore the world of voyeurs and exhibitionists. Soon she transforms into a daring and passionate lover, giving him everything he could ask for. But when something happens that puts all she's worked for in jeopardy, he must prove that loving him is worth the risk.